About Me

Hello, I am Lammat Noor, an average ALevel student with enormous passionate dreams. 

I have this thing of having opinions and guts to open up and own those stand points. I want people to apprehend my point of view by my senseless and blithe words.
Unfortunately, we have stepped into a conservative and hypocrite world which is creating difficulties for people to live their lives the way they want to.
Let's make this platform an opportunity for all of us to exchange ideas and views to give it a try to make this world a better and healthy place to live.
We all are stuck in a single phrase "log kya kahyngy". Give me a hand to break all the boundaries for our next generation and save them from this cruel mental torture we are living with.

If you want to contact me either for work enquirers or to share thoughts, please feel free to email me at: lammatnoor16@gmail.com