Sunday, 23 July 2017

This Is How I Celebrated My 18th Birthday

So like a week ago, I officially turned 18! Yayy! Sounds exciting? But it's actually not. I don't really celebrate birthdays. You ask why? Well, first of all because I don't have friends to hang out with on my birthday and secondly my family is not cool enough to throw me surprise parties.

This birthday was also boring AF but I had to write an article about it. Because promotional purposes, you see.

13th July'17, my 18th birthday starts when I woke up in the morning. No actually I didn't sleep the whole night. That's cause I'm a spoiled brat and I like staying up at nights. Jk. I was fucking studying for my AS exams. I know you might think that I'm quite dedicated towards my studies. Well, that's not the case here, my friend. I actually didn't study the whole God-damn year and now as exams are around the corner I'm left with no other option but to study.

So after studying for quite sometime, I decided to take shower because I was leaving for my first PCYMUN'17 host team meeting. I got all dressed up like a young formal lady.

And we started the journey towards our destination which was TMUC Islamabad. Of course, I was late to the meeting, that's my style! But I must say the meeting was quite productive. We were told all the rules and regulations for PCYMUN'17 to make it a fine experience for all the participants. I was introduced to all the members because I was friends with the President therefore he was giving me special treatment.

Moving on, we had some promotional photoshoots and at the end the cake-cutting ceremony. Obviously it was for my birthday, it had nothing to do with PCYMUN'17 (that's not true). But at least I had quality time with all the host members.
Then we left for a family lunch because we are hungry animals. Due to lack of knowledge of the directions, we couldn't find any place to eat in. Luckily at the end of the city we found a mall and decided to eat there. Yes, I was irresponsible enough to not take pictures of the food. I apologize. But it was pretty good. I swear.

And after a long day, we headed back home all tired, sleepy and exhausted. I passed out for two days, the moment I entered my place. So, this is all I did on my birthday.

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