Sunday, 11 June 2017

Because Islam Makes Us Perfect...

Oh so out of the blue, you started wearing hijab? Why are you styling your beard, sole purpose of growing beard is to follow the Sunnah, not to impress chicks. You shouldn't wear jeans while praying. Your effort won't be accepted. We all have heard and said these words once in a while? Now here the question arises that why do we do that? Well obviously because we like proving other people inferior than us.

Have you ever a got a chance to just sit down and think about the criticism that has developed in us. It has become a habit to talk rubbish about people. When a person puts a step forward towards Islam, that very moment he is expected to be perfect. We point out every mistake he makes because he's supposed to be flawless. Why? Because society wants to see him like that. He came to Islam to improve himself day by day. Not to be perfect in minutes. Why can't we freaking understand this?  You can't expect a 2 year old to walk without falling. Can you? That is because he needs time and practice to master the art of walking. Then why Muslims are expected to be optimum? They can't seek all the knowledge of Islam and heavenly words of Quran in a single day. They too need practice and time in order to bring positive changes in them.

Would you like to tell me that who are we to judge anybody? Does Islam allow us to judge people? Why are we promoting illiteracy. Islam is not as strict as we have made it. Also, are we perfect enough to teach others about Islam? Let's make a promise to ourselves today. Let's live and let people live according to their believes and values. We're no one to put our nose in other people's lives. We were not created to be ideal. So make mistakes, learn from them and move on!