Thursday, 11 May 2017

6 Most Influential And Inspirational Female YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

With advancements in technology, YouTube is taking over media. Youth has been pretty much involved in this developed yet incredible platform which provide every individual the opportunity to come up with their innovative ideas and promote their nation and culture.
Pakistan is also giving its all to contribute in this revolutionary objective. After a long research, stalking and email session I have managed to get a hand on these phenomenal Pakistani YouTube Channels.

Criticism and hatred couldn't help weaken their determination and they kept on working against the society. They came up to break all the contradictory-standard traditions and showed the world that there's nothing a women can't do. She is not just a thing to be kept behind those four walls. Let's take a moment to appreciate these women for being an inspiration for us.

1. Anushae Khan

Anushae is a young, educated, working-lady with guts to take life, job and her YouTube Channel along. Her Youtube Channel is vast and has numerous varieties from skincare to makeup tutorials. She has been vlogging since 2 years and haven't considered dropping it because of her strong persistency. She brings many interesting makeup hauls and challenges. She is also a beauty blogger.

YouTube : Anushae Khan
Blog: Anushae Says
Instagram: Anushae Khan

2. Fatemah Sajwani

Fatemah is a business student who started her internet career with blogging in which she has managed to achieve enough hype. A year back she started a YouTube channel to spread knowledge about beauty products. She recently pushed herself into vlogging to entertain people. Many conservative people came in her way to stop her from vlogging but she listened to her heart and kept on going. Fatemah is also blessed with a supportive sister who has her back.

Youtube: Fatemah Sajwani
Blog: What Fatemah Says
Instagram: Fatemah Sajwani

3. Glossips

Glossips is a Blog  and YouTube Channel handled by a Fashion and Design student named Fatima Irfan. She has a lot in her basket to show and entertain you with. Fatima is a beauty vlogger who reviews products for you and makes your tough life pretty easy. She tries to put her all in vlogs which make them pretty interesting. In one of her videos Fatima was caught saying that she was in complex of being a little healthy. She beat her insecurities and confidently accepted herself the way she is. She is an example for all the women out there who feel ashamed of not being skinny.

Youtube: Glossips
Blog: Glossips
Instagram: Glossips

4. Life with Iqra

Life with iqra is a Youtube Channel with a diversity of videos. Iqra has packed cooking, makeup and tours in a single channel for your ease. Her mouthwatering recipes are worth a try because it takes effort and dedication to film cooking videos. Iqra recently started daily vlogging which covers her life adventures and food. She has a small number of subscribers but that doesn't stop her to stop making effort. She is putting her all to entertain us in her distinctive way.

Youtube: Life with Iqra
Instagram: Life with Iqra

5. Hajra Farooq

Hajra Farooq is a British Pakistani living in Manchester. She recently experienced a visit to Pakistan, that is when she filmed her first vlog. Hajra gave all of her energy to show a beautiful and positive picture of Pakistan. Her vlogs exhibit deep-rooted culture and enlightenment. Mean comments and hatred disappointed her at a point but she didn't let them demotivate her and she kept going. She has 3 digit number subscribers in a very short time which is incredible. I wish her nothing but a successful future.

Youtube: Hajra Farooq
Instagram: Hjrfrq

6. Iram AriesVlogs

Iram is a young Spanish and Pakistani girl who is all about exploring. Her vlogs manifest her experiences around the world. Her exciting life has given her the honor to capture the most glorifying moments. Iram has the guts to stay open to all the opinions yet stay motivated. She is putting in effort to take her YouTube Channel further without any vision. I hope she get her destination soon.
Youtube: Iram AriesVlogs
Instagram: Arieslul