Monday, 15 May 2017

He Said That I Was Living In Fantasies....

Fantasies? Well, I can't describe the word. As everyone has a different perspective and definition. But, for me fantasy is an un-executed plan your mind makeup to give you a reason to step forward in life.

Our society is pretty much held responsible for contributing in destroying people's dreams. We want others to look through our vision because we consider ourselves right and others immature or unrealistic.
A few days back a friend approached me and that conversation took us to a point where I wasn't able to take his words. That was the moment I realized that we have become a nation who mark knowledge nothing but a waste of time. I was told that I should enjoy my life to the fullest as it is the time to live. And that knowledge and education is not enough to get me where I visualize myself.
According to that guy, many well-educated people are working for him at an exceptionally low post. Salaries and labels are our medium to justify education. Are we, Pakistani(s) deserving enough to be called a literate nation?
All the so called literates out there. I wanna say this to you all that please stop this 'bakchodi'. It is not going to take us anywhere. Bring a change in your mentality because there is no other way we can move towards a better, healthy and enlightened Pakistan.
I accept, that we are not blessed with sufficient opportunities for educated people to grow which is bringing an immense disbelief in education. But, enlightenment is not about money. It is a source which makes us a human with perceptiveness, courtesy and values.
Let people live with their beliefs. There is nothing that can't be achieved. All it takes it dedication, hustle and persist-ency. Being a starry-eye daydreamer, I suggest you all to imagine about the things you wish for. Live those moments in imagination because it will help you sketch a plan to fulfill your desires.
Fu*ck this world and live your life the way you want to live. This world is always going to bark at your back. Don't grant anyone the power to stop you.