Monday, 27 March 2017

The Teenage Tale

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What does the word “Teenage” give you the impression of? Horror- story probably? Teenage is a critical and pivotal stage for both the parents and the child. Along with the sense of maturity, it brings many detrimental kits. For children, teenage is a door opening to adulthood which makes them crave for this time of their lives. They envision teenage a key to their freedom, unaware of the fact that the reality is completely contradictory.

Teenage gives rise to many changes in children that unreservedly transform their way to regard state of affairs. It brings tremendous changes in teenagers physically, emotionally and socially which plays influential role in building up one’s personality. Beside mental growth, teenage actively pay attention to physical maturity.

Teenage is a roller-coaster of mood swings and emotions. Sentiments take over human body, and they get no option but to listen to their heart. Teenage is a phase which makes youngsters feel depressed and lonely. A part of the teenagers starts creating distance from their family. In order to fill that space teenagers choose to fork out their time with friends which diverts their attention towards distractions. Due to unbalanced relationships, teenagers go through severe mental stress and that is the main reason of their lack of sleep. The wave of teenage come up with an opportunity for teens to discover themselves, but in some cases rather than learning puberty lose their-selves in the undisciplined variations.

Teenage intensely affects children’s intellectual stimulation by which they give slip to their self-esteem. They feel hesitant to talk to new people or speak out at public events. A fear of putting their-selves in shame keeps hunting them. This distress persuades to peer pressure (I-ll judged influence from friends that put children’s mind to alcohol, drugs and sex) , one of the reason of destruction of teenagers. They suffer the lose of hope in life and prefer to end their lives.

Although we have no control over feelings or circumstances, but even then we need to put some effort to stay strong during our teenage because this is the time negativity generate in us the most.