Sunday, 12 March 2017

Legend of the Blue Sea


The Legend of the Blue Sea is a South-Korean Television series  featuring Lee Min-ho and  Jun Ji-Hyun aired on SBS Channel from 16 November 2016 to 25 January 2017.It is an assortment of fantasy, romance, comedy and melodrama.

Inspirited by an old classical Joseon legend, it is a winsome love-story of a mermaid and a boy, who step-in the contemporary time from antiquity to complete their vague love. A con-artist who has nothing except money is dedicatedly looking high and low for her mother who left him when he needed her the most. During this traumatic journey, destiny draw up locus to make him fall in love with a mermaid which frame contentment and trouble at the same time, because now he own something he’s petrified to lose. The mermaid who knows nothing about the land steps in this cruel world just to see the one she loved. Both of them spends some sensational time adjusting with each other which leads them to the beautiful zone of love.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is such a magnificent and well-enacted love-story that makes you believe in mermaids. It truly flourishes one’s faith in love and makes them feel wanted and adored. This series devote you enough courage to stand against destiny to protect your woman. All it takes is belief in yourself that makes you fight for who you genuinely love and undeniably true love always win at the end.

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