Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dating Violence

Digitalmedia has always been bringing the bright and covered-up truth to view this is why we picturize love and relationships as flawless fairy-tales. This is about time for us to open up our minds and consider the alternative perspective. Love is a beautiful relationship of warmth, care and concern but with advancement in time it is becoming complicated. We can’t deny the fact that these complexities existed back then, it’s just that they centralized people’s attention now as they have grown more enlightened and cultured.

Dating Violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or a combination. It may happen on first date or ten years after marriage.

Now the question arises, what drags a person in such a beautiful relationship to the extend of violence. The victims are predominantly responsible for shaping such people. Suppressing your self-esteem, pride and dignity makes you worthless in eye of your partner, by which he starts considering himself mighty over you. These feelings keep broadening over time and result in humiliation. Tolerating this maltreatment makes the situation worst and it may put you to death.

Dating Violence can intensely shatter one’s life. He may lose his mental balance and attempt to end his existence. Dating Violence leaves a miserable scar on his mind that can’t be treated. It also affects couples’ children, their perspective about dating becomes contrary. It may shove them to depression.

We need to put this trend to an end. Stop degrading yourself and regard your self-esteem. You can live your life on your own. If you are dating such jerk who mistreats you or hits you, dumb them right at the moment. They don’t deserve your time or effort. And all the ladies out there, Please don’t let this happen to yourselves, file a complaint against your spouse, this is the only way they’ll realize their status. I know you have been bearing this since forever, it is a way for all the men to show their ‘Mardangi’, but you are not a piece of crap anyone can insult or hit. It won’t get better with time until unless you take step for yourself.

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