Sunday, 19 March 2017


Co-education means mixed-sex education where males and females are enlightened together. Ill-judged conclusions cross our minds when the word Co-education is brought to light. We, Pakistanis have been grown up with the mindset of detesting Co-education system as our religion, Islam doesn't brace it. Pakistanis are very covetous towards their culture and traditions.  Co-education system promote western customs, therefore Pakistani people don’t support it. “Endorsing Co-education system clearly manifests our defeat by Western values”; The Pakistani Community.

Co-education possesses  some down-sides we genuinely don’t appreciate. It widens children’s perspective of perceiving the world and they regard certain trends from a different viewpoint, but it becomes a matter of concern for the parents because they want their children to behold their frame of reference. It shapes immoral personality of students. Other than that co-education distracts children from learning and they start taking more interest in ill-advised activities such as dating, partying and drugs.

Why do Pakistani parents consider Co-education a compassionate reason for spoiling their children? Is it because they have no faith in their parenting skills and the time and effort they invest in their children? Rather than accusing Co-education system, we should appraise developing strong parenting aptitude. Taking your children in confidence and putting the trust you have in them in view is the initial step of a healthy parent-child relationship. You need to stop putting in-comprehensive restrictions on your child and give them suitable space they deserve as it is explicit that “Strict parents raise the best liars”.

Indeed, Co-education possesses great dominance which helps children flourish in the long run. It helps children expand their confidence which encourage them to stand against their opposite gender and the will to compete with them. Male and female interaction leads to exploration of different perspectives that broadens their standpoint. Co-education gives students a brief teaser of our society and put them together for a non-fictional life. 

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