Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sanctimonious concept of marriage


             Marriage is a relationship of mutual understanding between two people. It embraces love, care and compromises. Marriage is a committemnt that can turn one's life upside down.
             Our contradictory standard society has a different definition of marriage. It is an estimator of a woman's success and happiness. If one's not married despite that she's a possessor of a multinational corporation is labelled as an unsuccessful deficient woman.

            Why is a woman's affluence measured by her marital status and why doesn't this condition apply on men? Every girl has the right to live her life the way she want to live. Whether she's married or not she's worth respect and freedom.
             The most dreadful part of the account is that young girls are conveyed that the only aim of their life is to get married. Girls grow up aspiring their prince, who'll enter her life riding a white horse and will take her along in his heavenly world. They consider marriage, the only way to live their unattainable life.
             Our society is accountable for proliferating inapposite prospective of marriage. Many girls give up on their lives because of mental strain stimulated by community's outrage. Why mentally and financially dependant woman  considered respectable daughter or housewife by the society beside if one chooses to live independently stampled streetwalker?
            Wake up Beauties! It's time to Beast!
              Life is not a fairytale, no prince is going to come your way. Be your own hero. These men ain't giving you the life you dream of. Marriage is not something to destine for. It brings stress and demand sacrifices at every point of life, as a wife, daughter-in-law and then as a mother. You were not born to run through half of your life depending on your father and other fraction on your husband. Stand up, determine your goals and work for them. Good things happen to those who hustle. And when you have the world laying under your feet, accept Dubai Prince's proposal. 😉