Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Samsung VS IPhone

21st century has been taken over by technology. Each day of modernization in high-tech brings competition, by which the people are also getting affected.
               The rivalry between iPhone and Samsung users has been gaining ground from last few years. People consider logos to demonstrate one's class and standard.
               Android Vs IOS war is trending over social media. Memes are used to manipulate and mock others' companies users. Many trolling pages have been framed which are advancing cold wars between Android and IOS users.

                The first factor that is considered while choosing a smartphone is its sleekness and design. Apple always prioritize the design of its products and they are actively working on their items' prosperous looks. Considering that Samsung has almost alike designs of almost all of its models. Apple introduces a vast range of shades which make them eye-catchy.

                Undoubtedly, Apple is working tirelessly for the quality of cameras of its products which makes them remarkable in market. IPhone has some significant features which make the models uncompareable such as Facetime, IBooks and everybody's most favorite funky emojis but it can't be denied that Samsung own few distinctive features iPhones don't possess, as the Bluetooth facility, downloading online videos and many other advance elements.

              Samsung has loose passocdes or unlock patterns whereas IPhone has such strict security rules which most of the times become reason of distress of its users. Strong security settings sometimes help IPhone users to track their phone through location tracker if its lost but Samsung doesn't provide this facility.

              Samsung introduces a range of phones over a year but they can't match the standard of an IPhone. Beyond the shadow of doubt, iPhones are classy but they charge a huge sum of money therefore, Samsung is more affordable and easier to maintain.

Battery life:
               Battery life is a huge issue in today's time. Smartphones consume a great quantity of battery in a shorter time. It has been claimed worldwide that iPhone has a large battery life than Samsung. End of the discussion. Hehe.

IPhones and Samsung both are working persistently for us to have a voguish future. Nothing give us the right to mortify any company. Every single model of each company is worth appreciation and regard.