Monday, 13 February 2017

How Pakistan celebrates Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the day of compassion, endearment and intimacy. It is dedicated to all the lovers out there, who whorship love. It furnishes couples with the opportunity to express their feelings to their loved ones. Valentine's Day spreads out love in the air, and whosoever breathes it in, gets caught in this heavenly affliction and surrenders to love. LOL. JK. Valentine's Day is ridiculous. Love is a senseless.

Pakistan is a country jammed with hypocricy and double standard values. We have three categories of contradictory standard people; permissive socials, cultural liberals and social conservatives. Due to our social differences we end up humiliating our country in front of the world.

Even though we have many cultural differences, but on the bright side, Valentine's Day is celebrated in the most distinctive way in Pakistan.

Valentine's Day is all about gifts, makeouts and dates. The most rousing mission Pakistani couples have to accomplish on Valentine's Day is discovering an innocuous dating spot because being an Islamic state, we don't support dating culture, therefore, Pakistan's Government put in effort to immobilize these misguided engagements. Yet some passionate, prosperous youngsters don't step back and attempt to devote their precious time to their significant other on this special occasion of Valentine's Day. They consider this intolerable behaviour "Love" but let me service this chance to remark that this is an unacceptable move and whosoever dares to challenge country's ritualistic restrictions should be punished.

Pakistan has a proportion of people who respect country's values, but not their dignity, on that account, they don't get the chance to hang aound with their loved ones therefore, they express their love through texts and calls. A fraction of people are the ones who are committed but never accept it in front of people and they are usually named "The diplomatic creeps".

Pakistan also has a community of religious people with no faith in their hearts. According to them Valentine's Day is "HARAM". These noble people celebrate "Haya Day" rather than Valentine's Day to revive Islamic values among Pakistanis and coincidently these are the same people who fail to catch a Valentine before 13th Feb therefore, they choose to protest against Valentine's Day to conceal their obsession.

I am neither in favour nor against Valentine's Day. I just don't support hypocricy. We start war against our fellow brothers on Valentine's Day due to our differences in views on an inconsiderable topic.

Why can't we love those who are craving for it rather than our so called soul mates. Let's bring a minor change in ourselves this year by helping and loving those homeless children, thirsty for our kindness and warmth.

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