Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 steps to consider to make success your destiny


People everywhere has an unalike perspective of success. The basic definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose but for me success means freedom. It doesn't connote clubbing, dating or adulterating. Freedom endow one with the right to reign and live his life at his fullest. Woefully, the society we are a part of, believe it is justifiable to intrude in one's private life. We don't perceive how this distressing act is ruining the youth. Rising generation has been devasted by the society therefore, some of them squander their lives by crediting society's worthless custom's and rest prioritize their goals over fellowship. 
            Who doesn't crave for success and money but not everyone has got the guts to achieve them. Success demands passion, ambition and time. Follow are 10 steps which incorporate success and victory in life.

  • Discover your goals in life:

             Determining goals is the foundation of success, it keeps one motivated and active towards the destination. Passion reflects in dedication of a person who has his aims crystal clear in his vision board. 

  • Believe in yourself:

            You can never lose if you invest in yourself. Faith in ourselves bring out the best in us which end up contributing unrivalled outcomes. Optimism keeps one dynamic and persistent. Belief is a weapon that can help make changes and if one has strong faith in his goals, he becomes unstoppable and unbeatable. 

  • Set a timeline:

             Drafting a timeline is a significant step towards success. It is a consulted pathway of ambitions, struggle and backbreaking work which leads to desired results. A considerable timeline demands strict time management for each sub-goal. Timeline is  rough draft one determine for himself to adopt for making his plans work.

  • Take calculated risks: 

             Our mind images first step a tough and threatening experience but if you have believe in yourself and has an executable plan then its worth an attempt. The gamble of intense belief always pays off. Life is a rollercoaster, ups and downs are part of life but they shouldn't become a barrier in your way towards your dreams.

  • Hustle hard:

            No one is going to serve you with a plater of success. Get out of your comfort zone, buck up and grind yourself. Hustle makes miracles happen. It can convert a penny in millions and all it demands in return is sacrifices, determination and passion.

  • Own failures:

             Our community is full of people who blame others for their downgrade but ones who own their flaws and accept defeats has an immence chance to conquer the world with their liberal views and contemporary values.

  • Don't give up:

             Never commit the mistake of giving up on your goals. I repeat. Never. Surrendering means you never craved for it. Who knows success is waiting for you with its arms open, the moment after you gave up. Stand firm and start the journey with extreme enthausiam. 

  • Find a successful mentor:

             Team up with those who are on the same mission as you. In view of the fact that those are the people that motivate you and stand by you when you need them. Consequestly, a successful mentor is like candle in darkness. He lits you up and takes you along to the cruise of success.

  • Change the plan, not the goal:

             Failure is the foundation of success, if a plan didn't work, doesn't mean the game is over. Life is giving you another chance to readdress your mistakes and come up with a more effective strategy. Trying again never brings you down rather destiny grant you an opportunity to improve and bless you with real life experiences.

  • Diversify:

              There is no measure for success or knowledge. One should always look towards diversifying his knowledge as it helps him get through the storms. Life never remains the same, give all of yourself and the outcomes would be incredible.

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