Monday, 13 February 2017

How Pakistan celebrates Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the day of compassion, endearment and intimacy. It is dedicated to all the lovers out there, who whorship love. It furnishes couples with the opportunity to express their feelings to their loved ones. Valentine's Day spreads out love in the air, and whosoever breathes it in, gets caught in this heavenly affliction and surrenders to love. LOL. JK. Valentine's Day is ridiculous. Love is a senseless.

Pakistan is a country jammed with hypocricy and double standard values. We have three categories of contradictory standard people; permissive socials, cultural liberals and social conservatives. Due to our social differences we end up humiliating our country in front of the world.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 steps to consider to make success your destiny


People everywhere has an unalike perspective of success. The basic definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose but for me success means freedom. It doesn't connote clubbing, dating or adulterating. Freedom endow one with the right to reign and live his life at his fullest. Woefully, the society we are a part of, believe it is justifiable to intrude in one's private life. We don't perceive how this distressing act is ruining the youth. Rising generation has been devasted by the society therefore, some of them squander their lives by crediting society's worthless custom's and rest prioritize their goals over fellowship. 
            Who doesn't crave for success and money but not everyone has got the guts to achieve them. Success demands passion, ambition and time. Follow are 10 steps which incorporate success and victory in life.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sanctimonious concept of marriage


             Marriage is a relationship of mutual understanding between two people. It embraces love, care and compromises. Marriage is a committemnt that can turn one's life upside down.
             Our contradictory standard society has a different definition of marriage. It is an estimator of a woman's success and happiness. If one's not married despite that she's a possessor of a multinational corporation is labelled as an unsuccessful deficient woman.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Samsung VS IPhone

21st century has been taken over by technology. Each day of modernization in high-tech brings competition, by which the people are also getting affected.
               The rivalry between iPhone and Samsung users has been gaining ground from last few years. People consider logos to demonstrate one's class and standard.
               Android Vs IOS war is trending over social media. Memes are used to manipulate and mock others' companies users. Many trolling pages have been framed which are advancing cold wars between Android and IOS users.

                The first factor that is considered while choosing a smartphone is its sleekness and design. Apple always prioritize the design of its products and they are actively working on their items' prosperous looks. Considering that Samsung has almost alike designs of almost all of its models. Apple introduces a vast range of shades which make them eye-catchy.